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Portrait by Richard Gray
French born designer Benjamin Kirchhoff (1978) moved to London in 1995. In September 1999 along with Richard Sorger they created SorgerKirchhoff womanswear label which ended in 2002. In the same year he graduated with a menswear degree from Central Saint Martins. In September 2003, the first collection under the label Benjamin Kirchhoff for S/S 2004 was produced. Based on Ian Banks' eerie novel “The Wasp Factory”, it used feminine elements such as lingerie detailing and fabrics such as silk tulle and chiffon offset by tailoring, metal embellishments and monochrome prints. Nevertheless, the collection remained resolutely masculine in both proportions and silhouette. A short film directed by Edward Meadham was produced to accompany the lookbook capturing the atmosphere of decay and sexuality present throughout the collection. The collection was sold to Tokyo stores American Rag and nano Universe and was featured in Sleaze, Arena, Dazed & Confused and Vman.

teaching activities:
Central Saint Martins - menswear design
  english, dutch, french, german, italian

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