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Fashion Product: T-shirt and CD. Collaboration Louise Bourgeois/Helmut Lang
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contribution Kruder, Peter (Sound)
date 01.01.2003

text Helmut Lang has designed a limited edition T-shirt, showing a drawing by artist Louise Bourgeois, Lang's friend and occasional collaborator.

The T-shirt comes in men's sizes only and is available at Helmut Lang shops and selected stores worldwide.

Bourgeois's drawing, entitled What Is The Shape Of This Song visualizes the do ré mi scale as several parallel-ascending steps, with one note placed on each level. The drawing also appears on the cover of Bourgeois's CD C'est le Murmure de L'eau Qui Chante. The CD features French children's songs as well as original songs, written and performed by Bourgeois. The nursery rhymes are inspired by memories of Bourgeois's childhood in France where she studied the piano.

The CD project began during a phase in which Bourgeois became interested in music; more specifically, the idea of music as therapy and as a tool to trigger memories. The limited edition CD is also available at Helmut Lang shops. Select songs from C'est le Murmure de L'eau Qui Chante were played at the Helmut Lang Autumn/Winter 03/04 shows in Paris, mixed by Peter Kruder at the Men's show and Frédéric Sanchez at the Women's show.

Lang and Bourgeois have collaborated on several occasions, including the 1998 exhibit at the Kunsthalle Vienna, together with Jenny Holzer. Lang's Spring/Summer 2003 collection featured a silver choker designed by Bourgeois in 1948.


  1 © Helmut Lang, T-Shirt, 2 © Helmut Lang, CD front, 3 © Helmut Lang, CD back

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2003 Helmut Lang Collection Men Autumn/Winter 2003/2004
2003 Helmut Lang Collection Women Autumn/Winter 2003/2004

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